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America Hates Sex America Hates Sex

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I don't know...

I can say that I pretty much disagree with all of this. while i it made me chuckle in a few places, i kinda trew up in my mouth a little when that guys balls got ripped off. I think porn is wrong and disgusting, and i for one don't need it. the problem is that they are trying to legislate morality and that allways ends up bad. remember proabition, i don't and neither do you we weren't alive yet but the point is when you make laws that tell people what there doing is wrong they do it anyway. they told people they couldnt drink and crime went through the roof and people drank anyway, you take away porn and the same thing will happen. I bbelive its wrong no two ways about it and i'll tell anyone how asks but if you take it away things will get worse and its not worth it. bottom line is even if its wrong if its not hurting or endagering someone else you take it away and things go to hell.

EricSullivan responds:

I respect your opinion and I agree on some of the points you made.
Thanks for the interesting review.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Man I hate the sex pistols

Bleah, sid Vicious was a nazi drunk who beat up black people for fun. a group ccreated by a guy to sell his line of clothing, the "punk" equivalent of the monkeys. Any way where was i oh yeah politics shmolitics, man you guys are just dummer than a bag of hammers aren't ya. Wow now my eyes are opened to the truth thank you flash artist from newgrounds. really my beef isn't with the artist, its with the idiots who saw this and said " hallelugah finally the truth comes out" right the truth huh or at least this artists view on the truth. he(or she?) just took their opinion and put it in flash format to tell people about it, like michal moore does. some of the "facts" in his movies are fabricated or shall we say streched, so he can make his point sound more dramatic. I just didn't like the flash cause it was nothing new, we've heard it all before, i hate republicrates blah blah blah, i hate demublicans, dribble dribble dribble, oh did i mention that i hate the sex pistols? so guys when you hear something that makes you go " oh really? i didn't know that" go check it out, we live in an age of information its all right there at you fingers tips, if you don't take it all with a grain of salt then you an idiot. thank you

Jesus Gay Christ Jesus Gay Christ

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i dont know on which grounds to be insulted here

that was the most insulting thing i have ever seen, and i'm not even talking about the blatently raciast title that hd nothing to do with the movie or your views on christianty. i'm all for bad taste dude but come on, this was some sick exuse for a lame joke right? mjnoir1 was right if this is the best you got you should just quit now.

pappa-pura responds:

OK read the authors comment dude! It's not a flash movie i tried to make good and exiting! I tried to get somebody to tell me why it slows down!
That's why i just uploaded crap! I expected it to get blammed!
I Will remove it when i get an answer! Lame ass bitch! and all this fucking talk about christianty! Have you ever thought about how christianty is offensive to gay people!
Now do you hate gay people or why does the fact that my is title jesus gay christ upset you so much?

Yet Another Day Yet Another Day

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wowy wow wow

that was totally steller, you gotta teach me to cook like that i've never made a roast turky in a soup pot on the stove before, far out. keep up the great work. XP

Robots Are Our Friends! Robots Are Our Friends!

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who ever did the voice for when the robots went crazy i want you to sing at my wedding.